Monday, March 31, 2014

Be Happy. Be Successful.

Be. Be Happy. Be Successful....

There is a song that you may be tired of by the time that this post goes live. "Happy" by Pharell is a smash hit. There is no mistaking that it strikes a chord within all of us, whether you like the song or not... We all want to be happy.

Find something that you LOVE to do. Then find a way for others to compensate you to do that thing. At that place, your personal happiness and economics connect. This is where we all should aspire to be. I just came across something the other day .. something that is not mine, but something that I will adopt as part of my personal mantra: " DREAM IT. BELIEVE IT. STRATEGIZE. EXECUTE. SUCCEED"

This is powerful. Everything starts in the mind. You have to first conceptualize something. You have to envision yourself in a place that you want to eventually find yourself. The next step is to actually have the foundation of confidence in yourself and your abilities, that you can get yourself to THAT PLACE. The next step is critical. You have to put in place a PLAN. "Failing to plan is Planning to Fail"....

It does not matter if you have belief. Belief without a concrete action plan is worthless... You have to ACT OUT YOUR FAITH.

We all have to be accountable. We all have to be REAL with ourselves. Recognize your positive attributes, but also recognize your shortcomings and the things that you need to improve on... Life is a continual journey. Nothing is complete. We are all, travelling on this journey. Highs, lows, ups, downs are all a part of this struggle - we will all experience this mentally and physically.

Being Pro-Active and positively Re-Active will determine how we influence what we encounter and adapt to what comes our way.  We all have the ability to shape, impact and change our personal and professional circumstances. Don't be a victim. Be an active participant and champion in your own life. BE HAPPY. BE SUCCESSFUL. BE YOU.

Peace & Blessings.

RKB  ©2014 Richard K. Bell

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